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NonFiction, Reference, Review - A-G

Academy Awards - An Ungar Reference Index - Compiled by Richard Sale, 1978, Ungar, 615pp, softcover.  Listings of nominees and winners from 1927-1977, with a few photos throughout.  Very Good used condition, minor aging and edge/cornertip wear.  $8.00

Academy Players Directory - 1971, 705pp, softcover.  Rare edition, part 1, covering all Academy members in the areas of Actresses, Bands and Specialties, and Child Actors.  Headshots (usually 2) of all performers.   Good condition, has some tape on spine.  $20.00

Actress - Elizabeth Ashley, 1978, Fawcett, 287pp, regular paperback.  The great actress' flavorful memoir, covering most of her career and, especially, offscreen exploits.  Good to Very Good condition.  Has a spot of paper loss on Ashley image on cover, some spine bending, minor wear.  $8.00

The Album Cover Art Of Soundtracks - Frank Jastfelder and Stefan Kassel;  Foreword by Saul Bass, 1997, Little Brown, 128pp, softcover.  A great, mostly pictorial book of soundtrack LP covers.  $22.50

All-Time Movie Favorites - Joel W. Finler, Introduction by Dustin Hoffman; 1975, Longmeadow, 189pp, hardcover.  A general overview of genres, with several photos, some in color.  $20.00

American Film Now - James Monaco, 1979, Plume, 540pp, softcover.  Early edition of the well done overview of the industry and trends of modern day.

The American Movies: A Pictorial Encyclopedia - Paul Michael, 1969, Garland, 386pp, hardcover.  A listing with full cast/character, credits and a photo from several hundred major films, with some historical text and award notation.   Book is in Very Good to Excellent condition, dust jacket is Poor with most of bottom quarter torn away.  $20.00

And The Envelope, Please - Richard Altman, 1978, Lippincott, 160pp, softcover.  A quiz book with a few photos on the Oscars and winning filmmakers.   $7.50

Ape: Monster Of The Movies - David Annan, 1975, Bounty, 93pp, hardcover.  British book detailing King Kong and other ape-themed thrillers throughout the years.  $20.00

Bad Movies We Love - Edward Marguiles and Stephen Rebello, 1993, Plume, 330 pp, softcover.  Collection of essays based on the popular Movieline column, with photo inset.   Excellent condition, minor wear.   $12.00

Behind The Scenes Of Psycho - Janet Leigh with Christopher Nickens, 1995, Pavillion, 197pp, hardcover.  Interesting account of the Hitchcock classic by the star.  $12.50

The Best of Warner Bros. - Thomas G. Aylesworth, 1993, Brompton, 192pp, hardcover.  Nice overview of the studio's output with many photos, some color.  $12.00

Bette Davis - Jerry Vermlye, 1973, Pyramid, 157pp, softcover.  One of the publisher's series of small, concise star and genre overviews with several photos.  Very Good condition, minor wear.  $8.00

A Biographical Dictionary Of Film - David Thomson, 1975, Morrow, 629pp, softcover.  The noted author's overview of over 800 filmmakers and performers, with filmographies.  Very Good condition, minor wear.  $12.00

Brad Pitt - Chris Nickson, 1995, St. Martins, 215pp, regular paperback.  Bio of the actor during his early years of stardom, with center photos.  Excellent condition.  Minor cornertip wear.  $4.00

Brando For Breakfast - Anna Kashfi Brnado and E.P. Stein, 1979, Berkley, 274pp, regular paperback.  Scandalous piece on the actor from ex-wife.  Very Good condition.  Minor wear and bending.  $7.50

Bring On The Empty Horses - David Niven, 1975, Dell, 350pp, regular paperback.  Acclaimed bestseller by the legendary actor.  Good condition, has some warping and bending, spine creases.  $6.50

Burt Lancaster - Minty Clinch, 1985, Stein & Day, 160pp, regular paperback.  Overview of the actor's career with all films touched upon.  Center section of photos.  Very Good to Excellent condition.  Sticker residue and holepunch on front cover.  $6.50

Catastrophe: The End of the Cinema? - David Annan, 1975, Bounty, 111pp, softcover.  British book about disaster/catastrophe themes in film, with many photos.  Very Good condition, minor wear.  $20.00

Charlton Heston's Hollywood - Charlton Heston and Jean-Pierre Isbouts, 1998, GT, 222pp, hardcover.  An overview of the star's career with many of his films covered in-depth; full of great photographs.  $12.50

Classics Of The Horror Film - William K. Everson, 1974, Citadel, 247pp, softcover.  1995 reprinting of this genre overview, long acclaimed by fans.  Many great photos.  Excellent condition.  $20.00

Clint Eastwood: All American Anti-Hero - David Downing and Gary Herman, 1977, Quick Fox, 142pp, softcover.  Well illustrated overview of the superstar's career up to the time. Very Good condition, minor wear.  $12.00

Clint Eastwood: Filmmaker and Star - Edward Gallafent, 1994, Continuum, 256pp, hardcover.  A comprehensive analysis of the star/director and his films.  Excellent condition.  $12.00

Clint Eastwood: Quote Unquote - Bob McCabe, 1996, Parragon, 79pp, hardcover.  Short but interesting career overview with quotes from others, many color and b/w photos, stills and ads.  $12.00

The Complete Book Of Movie Lists - Nicholas Van Daalen, 1979, Dutton, 287pp, softcover.  Interesting book of lists of films, quotes, legends, etc., with several photos.  Very Good condition.  Minor edge wear, few cover chips, red stain at bottom right corner.  $15.00

Contemporary Film And The New Generation - Louis M. Savary and J. Paul Carrico, 1971, Association Press, 160pp, softcover.  Cover blurb asks "What do movies like The Graduate, Easy Rider and M*A*S*H really mean to you."  Analysis of trends and ideals in the new and different generation of filmmaking.  Minor wear and aging, small pencil prices on top of front page.  $15.00

Cut! Horror Writers on Horror Film - Edited by Christopher Golden, 1992, Berkley, 297pp, softcover.  Interesting series of essays by many top writers on various horror films and trends.  Excellent condition, very minor wear.  $15.00

Dick Tracy: The Making of the Movie - Mike Bonifer, 1990, Bantam, 111pp, softcover.  Heavily illustrated account of the making of Warren Beatty's colorful update.  Good to Very Good condition, minor wear, small tear at bottom of spine.  $10.00

Directed by Vincente Minnelli - Stephen Harvey, 1989, Harper & Row, 315pp, hardcover.  In depth work-by-work analysis of the director's career; full of great photos.  $22.50

Don't Fall Off The Mountain - Shirley MacLaine, 1970, Bantam, 291pp, regular paperback.  One of several acclaimed books by the star.  Good condition, has some bending/warping/spine creases.  $5.00

Easy Riders And Raging Bulls - Peter Biskind, 1998, Simon & Schuster, 506pp, softcover.  An overview of 1970s on and off camera Hollywood.  $10.00

Ecstasy And Me - Hedy Lamarr, 1966, Fawcett, 256pp, regular paperback.  Autobiography of the famed star, subtitled "My Life As A Woman."  Good condition, has spine bending, some edge and cornertip wear.  $7.00

Elizabeth Taylor: The Last Star - Kitty Kelley, 1981, Simon & Schuster, 386pp, hardcover.  Bio of the legendary star with several photo insets.  Dust jacket has minor wear, edge tears, book is very good with`  minor edge wear.  $8.00

Elvis - Peter Jones, 1976, Octopus, 88pp, hardcover.  A concise overview of the star's career, with many color and b/w photos.  Excellent condition, dust jacket has minor wear.  $15.00

The Entertainment Weekly Guide to the Greatest Movies Ever Made - 1994, Warner, 340pp, softcover.  Categorized reviews with special laser section, several photos.  Excellent condition, minor wear. $4.00

Faye Dunaway - Allan Hunter, 1986, St. Martin's, 256pp, hardcover.  Well done bio of the actress with several photos.  Excellent condition, minor wear.  $8.00

50 Golden Years Of Oscar - Robert Osborne, 1979, ESE, approx. 250pp, hardcover.  An overview of the award, with nomination lists and many photos as well as behind the scenes info by the film historian.  Dust jacket has wear, tears, and missing pieces, book is fine.  $18.00

Film Art: An Introduction - David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson, 1990, McGraw/Hill, 425pp, softcover.  Third edition film course textbook.  Good to Very Good condition, has some wear, tear on spine, highlighting of text, stamp/writing in inner cover area.  $8.00

Film Review - Edited by F. Maurice Speed, 1978, Hawthorn, 192pp, softcover.  British year in review book with scores of great photos, much info including book and soundtrack section.  Very Good condition, has some minor wear and aging.  $15.00

The Films Of Clark Gable - Gabe Essoe, 1970, Citadel, 293pp, softcover.  One of the publisher's excellent series of film-by-film career overviews.  Many great photographs throughout.  Very Good to Excellent condition, minor wear.  $20.00

The Films Of Elizabeth Taylor - Jerry Vermilye and Mark Ricci, 1976, Citadel, 254pp, softcover.  Excellent film-by-film analysis of the star's career, full of great photos.  Very Good condition, minor wear.  $20.00

The Films Of Paul Newman - Lawrence Quirk, 1971, Citadel, 224pp, softcover.  Overview with films and 4 plays of the star up to the time, with many great photos.  Very Good condition, has some wear and spine creasing.  $12.00

The Films Of Ronald Reagan - Tony Thomas, 1980, Citadel, 224pp, hardcover.  

The Films Of The Fondas - J. Springer, 1970, Citadel, 279pp, hardcover.  The films and careers of Henry, Jane and Peter up to the time, with several great photos.  Dust jacket has minor edge wear and small tears, book is fine.  $20.00

The Films Of Warren Beatty - Lawrence Quirk, 1990, Citadel, 236pp, softcover.  Film-by-film account of the star's career through Dick Tracy; full of great photos.  $15.00

Final Cut - Steven Bach, 1985, Morrow, 429pp, hardcover.  Excellent account of the making of "Heaven's Gate" and the implications of its failure on United Artists and Hollywood.  Dust jacket has some minor wear, small edge tears, book is fine.  $15.00

500 Best American Films to Buy, Rent or Videotape - Selected by the National Board of Review and the Editors of Films In Review, 1985, 507pp, regular paperback.  An excellent selection of great films with one page writeups for each.  $10.00

Flesh And Fantasy - Penny Stallings with Harvey Mandelbaum, 1978, Bell, 285pp, hardcover.  A great collection of behind the scenes gossip, trends and a wealth of photos from golden age to (then) present Hollywood.  Dust jacket has minor wear, few edge tears, book is fine.  $25.00

The Flicks (or Whatever Became of Andy Hardy?) - Charles Champlin, 1977, Ward Ritchie Press, 276 pp, hardcover.  A great overview of classic to (then) present trends in movies from the noted critic, with many fine photographs.  Dustjacket has some edge wear and tears, book has some minor spine edge wear.  $30.00

Frankly, My Dear - Compiled and edited by Jeff Block, 1993, Citadel, 177pp, softcover.  More than 650 quotes from the movies, with several photos.  Excellent condition.  $12.00

Gangster Movies - Harry Hossent, 1974, Octopus, 159pp, hardcover.  One of the Movie Treasury series, very nice overview of the genre with a large and great selection of color and b/w photos.  $40.00

Gangsters: From Little Caesar to The Godfather - John Gabree, 1973, Galahad, 156pp, hardcover.  Small book about gangster/crime movies, well illustrated with photos.  Dustjacket has some wear, missing spot of surface paper in title, inside front cover of book has wear, paper bubbling, rest of book is fine.  $12.00

Gary Cooper: American Hero - Jeffrey Meyers, 1998, Morrow, 397pp, hardcover.  Detailed biography of the legendary star, with photo inset.  Excellent condition.  $12.00

Goldwyn - A. Scott Berg, 1989, Ballantine, 579pp, softcover.  Exhaustive bio of the legendary producer, with many photos.  $7.00

The Great American Movie Book - Paul Michael, 1980, Reward, 342pp, softcover.  An updated version of earlier "The American Movies" with full cast/character, credits and a photo from several hundred major films, with some historical text and award notation.  $8.50

Great Horror Movies - Favius Friedman, 1974, Scholastic, 160, regular paperback.  A nice overview of horror cinema geared toward the education of the younger genre fan, with photos.  Pic of Chaney as Wolfman on cover.  Very Good to Excellent condition.  Minor wear. $10.00

The Great Movies - William Bayer, 1973, Grosset & Dunlap, 252pp, hardcover.  60 enduring motion pictures, described with one of the best selections of photos, color and b/w, in any film volume.  Dust jacket has some minor wear, book is excellent.  $50.00

Gregory Peck - Tony Thomas, 1977, Pyramid, 160pp, softcover.  One of the publisher's series of small, concise star and genre overviews with several photos.  Very Good condition, minor wear.  $8.00

The Guinness Book Of Film - 1998, Guinness, 359pp, hardcover.  Very nice, profusely illustrated volume of several major films listed for every year.  Excellent condition, minor wear.  $20.00