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How things have changed in a few short years....the years of waiting often futilely for the studios to mass-produce your favorite arcane titles have given way to all new manners of seeking out catalog titles.  First and most controversial are the studios' burn-on-demand programs.  This site offered a hale and hearty endorsement of the first to try this (Warner Archive, still linked below) and despite the sticker shock of some, this seems to be the most viable option to see the hordes of older titles that we crave released en masse.  While $19.95 a pop is prohibitively expensive to avoid weekly buying sprees for some (and my bank account will probably be the better for it,) sales can be found pretty regularly, at least with Warners so far.  Hopefully, it will occur to the producers in the near future that more will be sold for a lower price.  As it stands now, Columbia has entered the fray (and is being sold through the Warner Archives site) and MGM has continued on after a false start with Amazon and theirs can be found there and at several other sites including Screen Archives and Movies Unlimited.

The next big thing for hard to film film buffs, and bringing out many titles that have never seen the light of day of any video format, is streaming.  Netflix in particular has a score of old films available (many featured on the below lists) and more are added regularly.  With streaming being entered into the marketplace at a rapid rate, look for the available titles to multiply.  As of now, quality is extremely hit and miss, with some old titles in 80's quality pan and scan and others looking almost Blu-ray ready.

Speaking of Blu-ray, a whole other subgroup of "where is it" lists could begin, but we'll agree to not look for too much pie in the sky with this great format.  As long as the obscure titles we seek are being made available in some manner or another, we can live with this format being reserved for the more known and desirable for the time being.

Visit and support the WARNER ARCHIVE!

Now featuring over 1000 titles with new releases every week (including the new Columbia Classics line), the Archive can be counted on to dust off titles that would never has seen a mass release.  Sales are plentiful so be sure to sign up for their newsletter for alerts; the best of them have 50% off.

This section provides an easy link to our popular and growing wanted pages, featuring our ongoing wish lists.  Updated recently, and taking the above information into consideration, we have not attempted to identify streaming featured films, but those that are not on any disc formats, including burn on demand.

DVD Wish List A-C

DVD Wish List D-F

DVD Wish List G-L

DVD Wish List M-Q

DVD Wish List R-S

DVD Wish List T-Z

Revolving list of movies we're waiting and hoping to see soon released to widescreen DVD. 

DVD Mail-In Wish Lists
E-mail us your personal wish list for inclusion in this special section.

The DVD Hall of Shame
Why studios persist in intermittently releasing widescreen titles in full-frame only is beyond us, and we point out the offenders here in this section.  At best, we can hope for some redos on many; others, unfortunately, we're probably stuck with in their present form.