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P.J. Angel has a new look for the Big Town site as well as a new eBay store that will feature some different and exclusive items.  Always a reputable dealer and passionate collector, P.J. is always a pleasure to deal with.  A longtime friend to the hobby and certainly to me, it's a pleasure to wish P.J. the best on his endeavors.  Visit the Big Town Film Posters site and The Wild Angels eBay Store for a great selection.

Bruce Hershenson's has been in the business for well over 20 years now and has auctioned millions of dollars in posters, all while publishing a famous series of great poster books and helping tons of collectors in the hobby.  After starting his own auction site he's going stronger than ever.  Visit his site for all the links, not to mention a comprehensive prices realized database on thousands of titles.

Movie Poster Bid was started in 2004 and we were proud to be the first to list on the site way back when.  Richard Halegua purchased the site some years later and has continued to make it a wonderful resource for diverse movie paper.  Give them a try today.

Learn About Movie Posters has risen to be the preeminent educational site about this great hobby.  On a personal note, I'm very proud to see that New Orleans neighbors and longtime friends Ed and Susan Poole have succeeded in bringing a truly groundbreaking resource to movie posterdom, and one that continues to grow, impress and often astound with the scope of information that these hard working folks are able to provide.

It's always great to meet new friends, which we have done with Mr. Richard Pagliaro and his fine new site, Reel Movie Posters.  A dedicated collector and researcher with a special affinity for the great 80's material, he will be adding constantly to the site.  Nice to talk to and dependable to deal with, welcome to Richie and Reel Movie Posters!