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Lipstick (1976)

Margaux Hemingway, Chris Sarandon, Perry King, Anne Bancroft, Mariel Hemingway

Critically reviled revenge melodrama made its audience wallow in multiple rape scenes for a little "Death Wish" style return near the end.  Few found it worthy.

Image Gallery

27x41 One Sheet - Folded, Excellent condition.  Has minor crossfold split.  $30.00

22x28 Half Sheet - Rolled, Very Good to Excellent condition.  Has minor edge and cornertip wear.  $30.00

14x36 Insert - Folded, Very Good to Excellent condition.  Has a few spots of minor edge and cornertip wear, sticker residue over rating.  $30.00

Ad Mats - Very Good condition, folded at middle.  7 pages featuring two different campaigns playing up the rape angle (the poster and widely used ads featured the large closeup of Margaux Hemingway.)  9 ads featured.  $4.00