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American Film

Great, long missed magazine backed by the American Film Institute.  Several nice issues available.

Jul/Aug 1981 - Blake Edwards (cover), The Merry Widow, Morality of Thrillers

Sep. 1981 - Robert Duvall (cover), Post-Heaven's Gate

Oct. 1981 - Francis Coppola (cover), Sundance, James M. Cain, Candice Bergen

Nov. 1981 - Jane Fonda (cover), Raymond Chandler, WASP Heroes

Dec. 1981 - James Cagney (cover), Grown Up Movies, Nicholas Ray, Arthur Penn.  Missing page 33.

Jan/Feb 1982 - Rod Steiger (cover), Henry Fonda, Production Design

Mar. 1982 - Frank Capra (cover), Missing, Horror Films

Dec. 1982 - Paul Newman (cover), Movie Cults, Lobby Cards

Mar. 1983 - Gene Hackman (cover), UA Classics, Brazilian Cinema, Sci-Fi.  Loose cover taped.

Jun. 1983 - Lucas (cover), Kim Stanley, 3-D, Repertory Theatres, Fanny And Alexander

Sep. 1983 - David Bowie (cover), Glamour Photography, Cineplexes, Violent Horror

Oct. 1983 - Gerard Depardieu (cover), The Big Chill, Robert Bresson, Sigourney Weaver

Dec. 1983 - Meryl Streep (cover), DePalma and Scarface, Sweet Smell Of Success, 50s Sci-Fi, Showmanship: William Castle by John Waters

Jan/Feb 1984 - Jack Nicholson (cover), John Huston, Third World Cinema, Jonathan Demme

May 1984 - Glenn Close (cover), Collectors' Siege, Musicals

Apr. 1986 - Sean Penn (cover), F/X, Southern Independents, 91/2 Weeks

Nov. 1986 - The Mission (cover), The Color Of Money, Broadway Films, John Waters

Dec. 1986 - Harrison Ford (cover), Jerzy Skolimowski, Primitives, Director's Cut Videos

Jul/Aug 1987 - Madonna (cover), The Witches Of Eastwick, James Bond 25th Anniversary

Sep. 1987 - Anjelica Huston (cover), Jim McBride, Full Metal Jacket, Bob Hoskins, Matewan

Oct. 1987 - Matthew Modine (cover), Walker, Paul Verhoeven, Norman Mailer

Nov. 1987 - Mickey Rourke (cover), The Last Emperor, Gore Vidal, Myrna Loy

Dec. 1987 - Oliver Stone (cover), Eddie Murphy Raw, New Cinematographers, Unions

Jan/Feb 1988 - Meryl Streep (cover), Daniel Day Lewis, Bright Lights Big City, The Thin Blue Line, Spike Lee

Mar. 1988 - Jack Lemmon AFI Tribute (cover), The Milagro Beanfield War, Melanie Griffith, Colors

Jun. 1988 - Francis Ford Coppola (cover), Wings Of Desire, Steven Spielberg

Sep. 1988 - Bird, Clint Eastwood (cover), Hotel Terminus, Patty Hearst, Running On Empty

Oct. 1988 - Jodie Foster (cover), Dead Ringers, The Last Temptation Of Christ, Haskell Wexler, Imagine

Nov. 1988 - Steve Martin (cover), Earth Girls Are Easy

Dec. 1988 - Dustin Hoffman (cover), Mississippi Burning, Dangerous Liaisons

Jan/Feb 1989 - Turner Archives (cover), Robert Towne, The Accidental Tourist, Tuesday Weld on Video.  Has loose center page. 

Mar. 1989 - Martin Scorsese, Lawrence Of Arabia, Baron Munchausen, Frankenhooker, Gregory Peck AFI Tribute, Epics

Apr. 1989 - T. Russell, First Time Directors, Cold Feet, Alec Guinness, The Wild Bunch, Kurosawa on Video

May 1989 - Sean Connery (cover), John Cassavetes, Comic Book Movies, Jazz Films

Jul/Aug 1989 - Spike Lee (cover), Paul Schrader, Billy Crystal/Rob Reiner, Stanwyck on Video

Sep. 1989 - Danny DeVito (cover), Sergio Leone, A Dry White Season

Oct. 1989 - Robert DeNiro (cover), Sound, Laura Dern, NY Section

Nov. 1989 - Lena Olin (cover), Best of the 80s, Louise Brooks, Martin Ritt

Dec. 1989 - Holly Hunter (cover), Blaze, Censorship

Jan 1990 - Sylvester Stallone (cover), Born On The Fourth Of July, Paul Mazursky

Feb. 1990 - Jack Nicholson (cover), Mountains Of The Moon, Confidential

May 1990 - Elizabeth Perkins (cover), Last Exit To Brooklyn, James Woods, 90s Finances

Jun. 1990 - Nicolas Cage (cover), Script Changes, Summer Movies

Jul. 1990 - Julia Roberts (cover), Michael Powell

Aug. 1990 - Denzel Washington (cover), Postcards From The Edge, Old Screenwriting

Sep. 1990 - Uma Thurman (cover), The Field, Rock Movies, Spanish Dracula

Oct. 1990 - Jeff Bridges (cover), The Doors, Tribeca, Sex & Violence

Nov. 1990 - Anjelica Huston (cover), Avalon, Movie Books, Vilmos Zsigmond

Dec. 1990 - Andy Garcia (cover), The Sheltering Sky, Liam Neeson, William Friedkin

Jan. 1991 - Michelle Pfeiffer, John Schlesinger, Michael Curtiz

Feb. 1991 - Matt Dillon (cover), Ennio Morricone, Ken Adam, Docudramas

Mar. 1991 - Sissy Spacek (cover), Kirk Douglas AFI Tribute, Oliver Stone

Apr. 1991 - Keith Carradine (cover), 90 Critics Poll, Roman Polanski, Humphrey Bogart

May 1991 - Susan Sarandon (cover), Frederick Wiseman, Oscar Micheaux, Mitchum on Video

Aug. 1991 - Sean Penn (cover), Barton Fink, Preservation

Sep/Oct 1991 - Kenneth Branagh (cover), Sidney Poitier, Thelma Schoonmaker, My Own Private Attitude.  Loose pages.

Nov/Dec 1991 - Jeremy Irons (cover), Glenn Close, Peter Greenaway, Jodie Foster, Joanne Woodward on Video

Jan/Feb 1992 - Armand Assante (cover), Naked Lunch, Almodovar, Kurosawa, Douglas Sirk, Nicholas Ray on Video