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Cult Movies

One of the few magazines devoted to classic cult cinema on the mass market in recent years.

#5 - Rock and Roll Monsters (cover), King Kong Escapes, The Haunting, Beach Party, Deep Throat, Toho Part 2, Freaks, Horror Of Dracula  $25.00

#6 - Kiss Me Quick (cover), Hellborn, The Screaming Skull, Godzilla Vs. Biollante, Lugosi/Karloff, Harry Novak, David Friedman, Teenagers From Outer Space, Kiss Me Deadly  $25.00

#8 - Attack Of The 50 Foot Woman, Frankenstein (cover), High School Confidential, Ray Dennis Steckler, Sidney Fox, Coffin Joe, Harry Novak, Jade East, Kenneth Anger  $22.50

#9 - House On Bare Mountain (cover), Poster Fandom, I. Honda, A. Ifukube, Bob Cresse, Frank Henenlotter's Rare Discovery, Coffin Joe, 1931, Vincent Price  $22.50

#10 - Coffin Joe (cover), Succubus, Ed Wood, Dale Gasteiger, Frank Henenlotter Part 2, Godzilla Vs. Mechagodzilla, Dark Eyes of London, Judith O'Dea, Dinosaur Island  $20.00

#12 - The Mummy (cover), Ed Wood, Dan Sonney, Concession Ads, Samurai Films, Joan Woodbury, Tor Johnson  $22.50

#13 - Bela Lugosi (cover), Batman, Jun Fukada, Ed Wood, Jack Hill, Reg Park, Samurai Part 2, The Land Unknown, Kay Parker  $20.00

#14 - The Agony Of Love (cover), George Reeves book, British Horror ban, Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfold, Fred Olen Ray, Claude Alexander, Titus Moody, Toho, Jean Rollin  $22.50

#15 - London After Midnight (cover), Samurai Part 3, The Mummy sequels, Vincent Price, Murders In The Rue Morgue, Ray Dennis Steckler, Sleaze Sinema  $22.50

#16 - The Munsters (cover), Maria Ouspenskaya, Samurai Part 4, Korla Pandit, John Agar, Al Adamson, Fred Olen Ray, Teenage Tupelo, Sleaze Sinema  $22.50

#17 - Annabel Chong (cover), The Invisible Man, Larry Fine, Joe Dallesandro, Titus Moody, Legion Of The Night, Sleaze Sinema, Unearthly Strangers, Tin Can Terrors  $22.50

#18 - The Ape Man (cover), Mexican Vampire Films, Jack Arnold, Jackie Chan, Boris Karloff, Die Monster Die, Joe Dallesandro Part 2, Steve Reeves, The Ghost And Mr. Chicken, Sleaze Sinema

#19 - King Kong (cover), Spacemen [a flip-side, separate booklet], Kay Parker, Wanda The Sadistic Hypnotist, Barbarella, 2001, Plan 9 From Outer Space  $22.50

#20 - Hercules (cover), Harry Langdon, Merian Cooper Part 2, Karloff, Ilona Massey, Moe Howard, Pat Priest, Buster Keaton, Vanishing Point, Spider Baby  $22.50

#21 - Frankenstein (cover), Spacemen [flip-side], Stan Laurel, The People Vs. Larry Flynt, Arch Hall, Star Wars, Mars Attacks, Toho  $20.00

#22 - Phantom Of The Opera (cover), Dwight Frye, Ed Wood, Donna Martell, Space Adventures, Fred Olen Ray, Tony Cardoza, Bob Chinn, Herschell Gordon Lewis  $20.00

#23 - Tomb Of Ligeia (cover), Lawrence Of Arabia, Ghidrah, Spanky, Liz Renay, Lugosi, Curly, Sword and Sandal, Kay Parker, William Castle  $22.50

#24 - Son Of Dracula (cover), Bob Chinn, Ben Turpin, Inner Sanctum, 40s Vampires  $20.00

#25 - Three Stooges (cover), Japanese Erotica, The Mummy's Hand, The Barbarian And The Geisha, Edgar G. Ulmer, Lugosi In Vegas, Sergio Leone  $20.00