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A long running horror genre mag, always full of great info and photos for fans (and well known for usually attention getting monster or gore covers.)

Aug. 1982 - The Thing (cover), Dee Wallace, John Waters, Mexican horror  $10.00

Feb. 1988 - Cellar Dweller (cover), Brain Damage, Night Of The Living Dead 20th Anniversary  $10.00

Aug. 1989 - A Nightmare On Elm Street 5 (cover), Frankenstein Unbound, Blood Salvage  $8.00

Nov. 1992 - Bram Stoker's Dracula (cover), Trauma, Carnival Of Souls, Dr. Giggles, Body Snatchers  $8.00

Jun. 1998 - Godzilla (cover), The X Files, Species II.  Has some cuts.  $2.00

Jul. 1998 - The Beyond (cover), Disturbing Behavior, Small Soldiers  $8.00