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Rona Barrett's Preview

One of the columnist's popular 1970s magazines, along with Hollywood and Gossip.

Sep. 1976 - Lee Majors (cover), Network, Two Minute Warning, Nickelodeon, Elvis Presley, A Star Is Born.  Has small missing piece and scribbling.

Oct. 1976 - Paul Michael Glaser (cover), Sarah, Twilight's Last Gleaming, The Seven Percent Solution, Robby Benson.  Scribbles, cut.

Nov. 1976 - Lindsay Wagner, Michael Brandon (cover), Marathon Man, The Last Hard Men, The Front, Fun With Dick And Jane, Clint Eastwood.  Has some scribbling, back torn corner.

Dec. 1976 - Farrah Fawcett (cover), Damnation Alley, King Kong, Silver Streak, Alex And The Gypsy.  Has small torn corner upper right of cover, scribbling.

Feb. 1977 - Elvis Presley (cover), Voyage Of The Damned, Bound For Glory, Shout At The Devil, Woody Allen.  Has minor wear. 

Mar. 1977 - Charlie's Angels (cover), Jack Nicholson, The Cassandra Crossing, King Kong.  Has some wear.

Apr. 1977 - Charlie's Angels (cover), Sequels, Audrey Rose, The Car, Lee Majors

May 1977 - Rona Barrett (cover), Women's Roles, A Bridge Too Far, Equus, Jessica Lange.  Has minor wear and scribbling.

Sep. 1977 - Star Wars (cover), Sorcerer, Lucille Ball, Mae West.  Has small cuts

Dec. 1977 - Lee Majors, Farrah Fawcett (cover), Grease, Elvis Presley, Telefon.  Small tear and scribbling.

Jan. 1978 - Cheryl Ladd (cover), The Gauntlet, The Goodbye Girl.  Has some scribbling.

Feb 1978 - Jaclyn Smith, Marie Osmond (cover), Women of 1978, Jamie Lee Curtis, Another Man Another Chance, High Anxiety.  Has spine tear.

May 1978 - Charlie's Angels (cover), The End, FIST, Casey's Shadow

Jun. 1978 - Elvis Presley (cover), Coming Home, John Ritter, Rabbit Test

Aug. 1978 - Charlie's Angels (cover), Foul Play, Animal House, The Promise

Sep. 1978 - Barbra Streisand, Olivia Newton-John (cover), Perry King, The Buddy Holly Story, A Different Story, If Ever I See You Again

Oct. 1978 - Grease, TGIF, Buddy Holly Story (cover), The Bad News Bears Go To Japan, Leopard In The Snow

Nov. 1978 - Warren Beatty, John Travolta (cover), Heaven Can Wait, Revenge Of The Pink Panther

Dec. 1978 - Battlestar Galactica (cover), Somebody Killed Her Husband, Midnight Express, A Wedding

Jan. 1979 - TV Stars: Maren Jensen, Robert Urich, Richard Hatch, Jeff Conaway (cover), The Deer Hunter, Interiors, Born Again

Apr. 1979 - Christopher Reeve, Robin Williams (cover), Armand Assante, California Suite, Jamie Lee Curtis, Brooke Shields, The Brink's Job, Brass Target

May 1979 - Robin Williams (cover), Marilyn Hassett, Ice Castles, Fast Break, Movie Movie

Jun. 1979 - Christopher Reeve (cover), The Bell Jar, Disco Fashions, Voices

Jul/Aug 1979 - TV Buddies (cover), The Amityville Horror, Real Life, The Runner Stumbles

Sep. 1979 - Burt Reynolds, Sally Field (cover), Tom Berenger, Lost And Found, The Villain, Over The Edge

Oct. 1979 - Village People (cover), Agency, The Muppet Movie