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Posse (1975)

Kirk Douglas, Bruce Dern, Bo Hopkins, James Stacy, Alfonso Arau

A pet project for Douglas, who produced and directed, this was an offbeat Western of issues rather than typical action, and a well done one.

Image Gallery

27x41 One Sheet - Folded, Excellent condition.  Has small erasure in upper left corner, few small, faint background stains.  $20.00

22x28 Half Sheet - Rolled, Excellent condition.  Few small spots and pen mark in upper right corner area.  $20.00

14x36 Insert - Folded, Excellent condition, faint extra crease marks.  $20.00

Pressbook - 12x14, 6 page foldout.  Has  articles, cast, credits,  still pics, promotional ideas, synopsis.  As were most Paramounts of the day, the ads were in a separate booklet, here a 6 page item with ad and poster examples.  Excellent condition, foldout has minor edge wear in spots.  $10.00