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10 (1979)

Dudley Moore, Julie Andrews, Bo Derek, Robert Webber

Moore's finest comic work on the screen was in this Blake Edwards vehicle (the first of his decade worth of male mid-life crisis films); the star's "Arthur" was more comfortably popular, but this was a big moneymaker itself.  Andrews was seen in a different light that would increase further in the director's "S.O.B." and Derek's lacking performance probably served the final, sentimental message that the illusion was not all that cracked up to be.

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One Sheet - Slightly smaller than standard.  Folded, Very Good to Excellent condition.  Has a few corner pinholes.  $35.00

14x36 Insert - Rolled, Very Good condition.  Has some rippling warping from odd onetime rolling that should flatten well, couple of minor spots.  $25.00