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The White Buffalo (1977)

Charles Bronson, Jack Warden, Will Sampson, Clint Walker, Slim Pickens, Stuart Whitman, Kim Novak

After "King Kong," producer Dino DeLaurentiis brought another mechanical monster to a Western setting, which, thanks to a good cast and atmosphere, would have worked as well or better without it.

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27x41 One Sheet - Folded, Very Good to Excellent condition.  Has a few border wrinkles, two small stains in right credit area.  $40.00

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22x28 Half Sheet - Rolled, Very Good to Excellent condition.  Has right edge tear, minor wear.  $35.00

Pressbook - 11x17, 4 pages including credits.  Has ads, article, cast, credits,  still pic, poster examples.  Excellent condition, center fold mark.  $15.00

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