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Wild In The Sky [Black Jack] (1971)

Brandon DeWilde, Keenan Wynn, Tim O'Connor, Dick Gautier, Robert Lansing, Georg Stanford Brown

American International planned this release during the end of their counterculture phase.  Then the explosion of Black action films hit and they turned it around with a totally new design sold to Black audiences, entitled "Black Jack" with the ads focused on Brown.

Image Gallery

27x41 One Sheet - Folded, Good condition.  Has several creases, corner wear, edge tears, some bleedthru in title area from title written in red on back.  $25.00

Pressbook - 11x17, 8 pages including covers.  Has ads, articles, promo tips, poster pics, cast and credits.  Very Good to Excellent condition.  Has minor wear, small scribble on one page.  $12.00

Pressbook - For the "Black Jack" redo, with Brown first-billed and focused upon (with his Rookies TV series mentioned.)  Four pages including covers, has ads, short synopsis, pic of poster and lobby card on back.  $6.00

8x10 B/W Still - Over the years, American International released prototypes of several poster sizes in still form; this one is marked One Sheet/40x60 at bottom.  Excellent condition.  $3.00